With my big boy, Pierogi

With my big boy, Pierogi

Samosa in some of her favorite places, boxes that Pierogi doesn’t fit in. Miss her everyday <3

Samosa in some of her favorite places, boxes that Pierogi doesn’t fit in. Miss her everyday <3

Momo: certified monster, gangly teenager, yowling master

Momo: certified monster, gangly teenager, yowling master


My family moved to America for increased opportunity and stability. So of course I, the first born in America, decided to follow in the footsteps of my calligrapher grandfather and pursue a creative career!  I started with ambitions of becoming an illustrator. Quickly I discovered the possibilities of working digitally - specifically the possibility of undoing mistakes. I’ve been doggedly aiming for the most polished form of every graphical project, ever since. Even if I have to do it one pica at a time.

When it comes to my design experience, my journey began with packaging design, specifically creating custom boxes for Martha Stewart Crafts. Along the way, I’ve picked up the taste and skills for branding, I’ve using my experience working with big brands to launch a few style guides that were used internationally. While packaging and branding are the bread and butter of my experience, I continue to round out my career with projects that include designing apps, websites, wedding stationery, convention signage, and more. My illustration background serves me well in design too. I use my digital skills to create striking icons and bold drawings. I’ve even begun creating merchandise, and right now I’m obsessed with creating unique enamel pins.

On the rare times I’m not designing, I can be found sewing, creating sculpture, doing embroidery, drinking green tea in excess of what is reasonable, baking treats to ruin colleagues’ diets, and pestering my cats.


New Jersey
20 min from New York City


2008 Bachelor of Fine Arts
Mason Gross School of the Arts
at Rutgers University

some clients I’ve worked with

Expo Logic
Morningside Evaluations
The AbleGamers Foundation
Edgewell Personal Care
Lineage Studios
Dual Wield Studios
The Penn Club

why work with me

  • My fanatical attention to detail, polish, and refinement, from concept to production means every project meets very high standards.

  • I have exceptional communication skills and my responsiveness makes it easy to collaborate between departments, clients, vendors, or any third parties

  • Even though I am focused on the details, I strike a balance between meeting deadlines and making sure the end result is the best it can possibly be.

  • I’m obsessed with education. I’m always researching, acquiring new skills and knowledge about my field while sharing all I know.

  • Not only can I patiently explain the difference between CMYK & RGB, I always bakes extremely delicious cookies for the office.

Tina has been our go to graphic artist for well over a dozen projects that run across her vast skill set. Each job she approaches the project with passion and an eagerness to give us what we need.

What I love most about working with Tina is that she is an expert at taking our words and strange hand gestures and turning those into things that we love. It is a real gift.

If it needs to be created, no matter the request, Tina can bring it to life.
— Mark Barlet, CEO of The AbleGamers Foundation
Discovering Tina 8 years ago was truly a blessing. She is very talented, her work is timely, she is dependable, and consistent. What really sets her apart is her creative vision. Tina will take the the written description of my idea and create exactly what was in my head. There is minimal back and forth, she just gets it and creates it.

It is great to have someone that I can trust to create the exact visual elements that I need and on time, while I am busy working on all the other moving parts of a project.
— Carmen Mayes, Former Client at Aramark
Tina is a talented designer and artist whose work is always on-trend. She is focused and passionate about her work. She is one of the most reliable and hardworking designers I have ever met.

As a freelancer, I can always count on her support in any design request. She is easy to bring on board with any type of project, she understands requests without having to explain multiple times, and she is is quick and on target with the delivery of projects. She is very intuitive and extremely creative in project development. I’m sure Tina will be an asset to any team she works with!
— Lennis Rodriguez, Edgewell Personal Care